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``We know that much of what the public has heard about our case has been mostly in legal terms, but we want to make it clear that whatever happens in Alabama will set a precedent for the future of Black voters, people of color, and anyone committed to democracy across the United States for years to come. We must also remember that the courts don’t hold all the power — the people do too.`` -- Evan Milligan, plaintiff and executive director of Alabama Forward

``If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Alabama, it's likely to have a chilling effect on representation for communities of color... It's going to embolden states to take steps to either refuse to draw new districts for minority lawmakers at a time when there is massive demographic changes in the country, or it could embolden lawmakers to actually dismantle existing majority-minority districts that elect Black, Latino or Asian American lawmakers. So I think the general consensus among voting rights experts is that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of Alabama, it's going to lead to fewer minority legislators being elected.`` -- NPR

Dahlia Lithwick is joined by two key players from this week’s consequential voting rights cases at the US Supreme Court. The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund’s senior counsel Deuel Ross argued part of Merrill v Milligan at the High Court on Tuesday, and Evan Milligan of Alabama Forward is the named plaintiff in one of a pair of cases that argued that Alabama’s congressional maps are racially gerrymandered in violation of Section II of the Voting Rights Act. They take listeners inside the arguments, and provide vital context for the challenges faced by residents of Alabama’s Black Belt in accessing healthcare, infrastructure and not coincidentally, political representation. -- Slate

``The case the Supreme Court will take up Tuesday centers on whether congressional districts in Alabama were drawn to reduce the political influence of Black voters, but it’s also part of a much broader problem that undermines representative government in the U.S.`` -- AP News

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